Cooperation and Advertising

We enable companies and firms a free registration and change of basic data.

 Our joint venture partner are important companies for our development. We care for our common customers, exchange information or just have friendly relationships between us. Important for us and our partners is that both of us tray steadily to increase the use of this site.

On our site, companies have the opportunity to advance their business through advertising and marketing.

 Are you interested in cooperation? Or do you want to advertise on our site? Or maybe you have a question or comment? Please feel free to contact us with our contact form.

     We offer you a fast and easy to send - to hang banners. Banners are displayed as images that you can create yourself or we will do it for you, using the existing design of your website (logo, website template, text, photos ...). Click on the banner will take visitors directly to your site. 

Our basic offer is:


- Publication of company name and logo of the company, address, phone number, fax number, complete description of the job, and your range of services, hours of operation, pictures of your products, videos, etc., on our website

- The publication of the same information about your company to our blog that deals with the same topic as your business

- The publication of the same information about your company are in use and on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

- Complete the promotion of your company on the internet

Price $10 monthly, payable in one year (12 months) and costs $120

START-1: .................................................................. $120



















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