10 tips for buying furniture


10 tips for buying furniture

1. Determination of the space requirement

Before buying furniture, the available space should be carefully measured. You can add some leeway here, because a piece of furniture works particularly well if it is not too "squeezed" in the room. It is even better if a floor plan of the room is available - this is ideal for planning furniture purchases.

2. Obtaining important information


For quality-conscious consumers, the Internet and many manufacturers offer comprehensive information about buying furniture.

3. Extensive advice

If you are planning to buy a furniture, you should get extensive information from trained consultants in specialist shops. Questions formulated beforehand and the consideration of which financial resources are available at all make the consultation a pleasant affair.

4. Buy furniture in accordance with the living situation

When buying furniture - in addition to your own taste - future use should be in the foreground. Is it a single household, a young family or do senior citizens live in the house? Should the furniture have a representative character or should it primarily be used for relaxation?

Do dogs or cats live in the house? Are further moves planned or will usage change shortly? These questions should be answered in advance - then buying furniture becomes a pleasure.

5. Try it out to your heart's content

Furniture in a furniture store is not just there to look at. In most cases it is also possible to try out the new piece of furniture. Sit on the sofa, open the cupboard and feel the different surfaces: the individual impression cannot be replaced. Only through extensive testing can you find the perfect furniture for you and your own home.

6. Buy quality consciously

Anyone who buys quality furniture will enjoy it for much longer. Because the bargain often turns out to be a dime tomb and this often results in a quick purchase.

7. Choosing the right materials

The choice of materials is decisive for the longevity of the furniture. If children or pets are "on board", the resulting increased urge to play should be taken into account with particularly resistant and durable materials. Surfaces that are easy to clean also ensure better living and quality of life. Basically, it is better to hold a little more money in your hand and buy good quality.

8. Choose colors that match the surroundings

When choosing the color, the surroundings of the furniture should be taken into account. For example, you can take a photo of the room to be furnished to the furniture dealer or ask for a color sample that you can take home. Then choosing the right color is easier.

9. Cleaning and care extend the lifespan

Furniture should - like your own car or the noble home theater system - be cleaned and maintained regularly. The better the care, the longer you enjoy it. The care instructions enclosed with the furniture or the well-trained experts in specialist shops help you choose the right cleaning and care products.

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